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Blog writing started out as a passion project, which developed into a side hustle. Freelancing content for websites or media outlets can include opinion or investigative pieces on pop culture and social issues, sponsored brand campaigns or event reports.

Her article honestly and genuinely represented our company
Her article honestly and genuinely represented our company, and did so with an understated humor that was refreshing. We were so grateful for her initiative to reach out to us and, in the spirit of journalism, be one of the first writers to produce an article about Tru-Colour.
Wesley Braden IV
VP of Business Development / Tru-Colour Bandages


While new to the speaking circuit, Tanya has been honing microphone skills for years behind the scenes. With over 15 years in the event industry, we would be able to speak on your podcast, radio program, TV segment (recorded or live), conference on any aspect of event planning.


Additional topics/audiences:


While any new business owner, or those thinking about taking the leap, would like to hear about  the success stories, many would also like to hear from those who are walking the same path in entrepreneurship that they are. Let “The Accidental Entrepreneur” share the good, bad and ugly with your audience.

Audience: entrepreneur, employment, career development events, young start-ups


Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes, but single mothers rarely get an opportunity to share their unique challenges in  parenthood. Find out how Tanya Hayles navigates being a business owner, mother and woman – a true mompreneur.

Audience: parent/motherhood events, baby & toddler show, new mom workshops


While Google can answer your question: “How do I start a blog?”, sometimes having a real person walk you through the process is helpful. Let us provide support to your audience of budding bloggers by discussing the the tips and tricks to creating their online space. Additionally, we can also speak on blogging under an alias and dealing with online harassment.

Audience: blogger events and workshops, students

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