Side Hustle Week 2015

So between attending Blogging While Brown, BlogHer and assorted webinars and various other moves – it’s safe to say that one of my goals for this year is to monetize my writing. i’ve already written about how i’ve changed gears in where i see my future going. i went from knowing and being an event planner, to wanting to pursue writing.

So when Secrets of a Side Hustler decided to have an entire week of local and online events – i knew that i needed to attend. SoaSH is a business and community whose objective is to empower and support those who are working full-time while trying to develop their side hustle. this is done via weekly Twitter chats, mentorship and networking events.

Sunday was the official kick off event, held in a cool new downtown venue. the hook to this event? each guest was to bring a book that inspires them to add to the book swap pool. so let’s recap: a chance to support an awesome and growing community/business, a new event space and a book? of course!

What i loved was the opportunity to catch up with old friends, chat with people from various walks of life and make new friends and connections as well. there was a gentleman who will take care of the accounting while you take care of building, someone who has a marketing and branding company, a couple of authors, event planners and so many from different walks of life!

For me – i sometime feel like I’m behind and going backwards in regards to actually turning writing into a business. so it was nice to chat with people who managed to turn their side hustle into a full-time thing. and while my leaps and risks have to be measured and small for now as to not negatively impact my son – i feel they will pay off in the end.

Tonight the learning and side hustle continues – and im excited to learn more and grow.

Some tickets for some events are still available, visit here for more details.


What’s your word? Do you have a side hustle? Are side hustles only for people unhappy with their full-time jobs? Do you think it’ll become something full time? What’s stopping you? Hustle over to the comments!

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