it’s not very often i am a guest at events, my line of work usually has me behind the scenes making sure things go smoothly for the client.

so it was my intention at The Sunday Social TO, to sit back in the rustic venue, enjoy the sunshine and admire the fashion and hair of the women around me.

once Catriona of Coco & Cowe sat down with Grammy-award winning (and Guyanese-bred, Toronto-raised) songstress Melanie Fiona, something told me the voice note app was going to be clutch and i need to make sure i captured the life that was going to be given.

it’s always nice when celebrates who have sung you through long commutes and heartbreaks, are down-to-earth and funny. a snapshot of some of the questions and quotables:

on entrepreneurship:

you need a team. you cannot do it on your own. have a great support system of friends and family around you. build and use your network. objectives and goals are important, know what you what you want to do. don’t be afraid to ask for help. find a team of people who feel like you, same sensibility like you, will protect your integrity and vision for your company like you do.
i believe in the power of intention, the power of what is for you, is for you, tapping into yourself is so important. when you operate from that place – there’s nothing that can stop that. no one. no rut. no downfall that can stop your story. if you are driven by money – you will fail every time.

on social media:

Catriona: instagram is like your life’s greatest hits, how do you deal with the pressure to be perfect?

not being afraid to be imperfect, because there is no perfect. when you are confident in who you are and what you have, that shines through. i have way more twitter follower than instagram followers, which actually makes me happy because people are more interested in what i have to say, rather than what i look like or what have to show them.

on writing and creating:

best time to write – is when i am inspired and isolated. no distractions. i wish i could be a songwriter that says: today, i’m going to write a song. [but] i have to be in a mood. whether that’s angry or in my feelings. my truth comes out from the genuine emotion that comes out of me.

(Melanie swears she’s me!. i can’t blog/post for the sake of. i need to be emotionally moved and motivated to write. the idea of monetizing that in the effort to take this blog to the next level..concerns me though)

her celebrity crush: Will Smith. i admire what’s done career wise and he really loves his wife which is always sexy.

dream collabo: Kanye West

guilty pleasure: eating. including potatoes. (but not really)

unwinding: burning incense and watching cartoons

recent movie: i origins

yours truly was able to kick off the question period by asking if her love of potatoes includes vodka. we had a teachable moment there. #themoreyouknow

on goals outside of music:

singing and music is my gift. but my purpose is evolving to positively affect people which includes starting a foundation this year to include women’s initiatives. labours of love and passion. and maybe do Broadway?!

on getting out of a rut:

i’m inspired by sharing what i go through. being able to tell my truth. my strength comes from my lowest moments: writing, talking, sharing, falling in and out of love. crying. if i cant express myself through words or music, i hit the stage. the exchange of positive energy. oh and eating good food.

on speaking on social issues:

i comment all the time. if people can comment on people’s shoes, i can comment on police killing black men. it’s important because i have a platform, we know celebs with 25 million followers, but stand for nothing but a selfie. even if people are arguing in the comments, at least there’s a conversation happening.

(insert praise break here)

there was so much more to the conversation (part 2 maybe?), but this post would be 5000 words (though full of awesomeness). it’s always awesome ‘meeting’ a celeb and feeling you just spent an hour with a girlfriend. it was uplifting, and powerful. so much of what she spoke on, mirrored how i feel about my progression and growth as a writer.

i’ve always written. it’s something i’ve always been good at. it’s my passion. my purpose. where it will take me – who knows. but i know it’s something i must do. not for fame, or fortune – but to complete my purpose.

people (well ladies based on the gender count in the room) are always on the hunt for elevated events that brings together people from different pockets of the city, walks of life and points of view.

if this edition of The Sunday Social is any indication, i have a feeling it will be here to stay.


The Sunday Social presented by Moroccan Oil


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The Boiler House, Distillery District


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